Our hiring


Please sit down, get your laptop on, do note forget to bring your favorite snack, drinks, dolls, plants, pets, because the job searching process can be time-consuming. But do not worry, we are right here to guide you.

Round 1

Job Searching

Research research research! Just like choosing a restaurant.
Open our website and our social media to see what ATTN is and what is on our menu to serve your career appetite. You can also check our cool team members who will support your hunger for success. By checking our website you will understand more how amazing our company is with our best working culture and environment. Do not forget to check our menu of available positions. We will show you all of the ingredients of every role by listing the skills needed to be successful in the job. After that, take some time to reflect on your own skills. Just like choosing food, reflect what you can eat, or not. For instance, can you work under pressure and have excellent time management skills to eat three burgers in an hour? Also, list every skill you possessed from all of your experience including working experience, volunteering, and freelancing.
Round 2

About You

We love new friends! Please tell us about you.
Your resume tells us who you are. It needs to demonstrate how you'll add value to an organization, what you do well, and what problems you've helped solve in the past. Update your resume to the jobs you’re applying for so we can see you’ve got the right skills and experience for the role. You can include transferable skills from your volunteer, community work, or work at home. Include examples of your achievements, including how your work contributed to successful outcomes. Choose referees who can speak well of your achievements and your working style.
Round 3


After you've found your desired position, create your candidate profile and apply online.
Feel free to apply for more than one job opportunity using your candidate profile. We would like to know you and your specialty. Tell us who you are and start looking for the most suitable positions that are available. After applying, you will be asked several prescreening questions to better match your skills and experience to open positions. If you are applying for a specific job, the questions asked will be relevant to that position. Otherwise, the questions will be more general in nature. This may also be our screening to see if you would fit our company culture.
Round 4


Hiring is a two-way conversation
So this step is not only we interviewing you but you interviewing us too. In short, we’ll have a chat. We are using behavioral-based and technical interviews to get to know you. What makes you passionate? What have you accomplished so far? We believe in two-way dialogue, so prepare to ask us questions as well! Please stalk our social media channels to do more research and prepare for your interview.
Round 5

Decision & Offer

If you are selected for a position, Our recruiter will contact you to discuss the terms of your offer and start date, and complete job offer details.
After you accept our job offer, congratulations! Welcome to ATTN, cue to dance party, get your office supplies ready, and pop the confetti! We will provide you with all the information you need to ensure you are ready to arrive at work on your first day, complete your final employment forms and enjoy life together at ATTN




Oh, Yes! We encourage you to review as many opportunities as possible and apply for a position that matches your qualifications. For each position that you are interested in, make sure to apply to each one separately.

We will treat your application with full respect and confidentiality. One of our recruiters and the hiring manager for the position will confidentially review your application. If they agree that you should progress to an interview, they will share your application with the interviewer.

Sure, reach out to them before you apply. They can submit your details internally, so don’t forget to send them your CV or resume and any other info that is required.

We try to get back to everyone within a few weeks of applying. With more popular roles, this may take a bit longer. So please, bear with us!

If you haven’t heard from us in one month after your application, we likely proceeded with other candidates for that particular role. However, our recruiters might reach out if we find a different potential match for your skills, interests, and experience.

For sure, we love eager and determined people. If the role is still open, and it’s been at least six months since your last interview, go ahead. You’re welcome to apply for other open positions too.

If you match the requirements of the position you are applying for, we will contact you no later than one to two weeks after you applied. After the next step, you can send a job application follow-up email or contact our recruiter via chat or phone. However, rest assured, we review every application we receive and will let you know either way what the outcome will be as soon as possible.