This we believe:

Our company Values in creating

the Most Influential and Inspirational Esports Brand in Southeast Asia.


The One Mentality

We believe in one thing: taking on the habit of continuous improvement everyday, every hour, every second is important.


We believe that trust is the single most valuable asset as once it is lost and it will forever be gone.


We believe that caring, the ability to understand, and behaving with compassion to our fans, clients, and talents is important for our success.


We believe that success comes from failures. We embrace all of our previous failures and take them as a lesson.


The work of an individual will never be as strong as a collective, for our dream is too big tobe able to conquer alone.

Principles we practice

To Preserve

Never Give Up

Life is a wheel, there is up and there is down. We have failed countless times, but every failure is a valuable lesson and it defines who we are today. We guide ourselves with courage that pushes us forward and comes back stronger than ever.

To Be The Best

The Championship Mentality

Everything we do, we trust ourselves that we are the best. We have been leading the way for the Esports Industry. We define our meta, not follow the meta. And that is what our stakeholders love about us.

To Do Better Than The Best

The X+1 Growth Mindset

What is the market doing? What is everyone doing? Where are you at in your life? Now with the one mentality in mind, what is the +1 of that? What does the +1 of that look like? The need to be better is embedded in the DNA of what an Esports Organization does.

To Care For One Another

The One Family

As we believe in collaboration, we pursue success in a collective manner. As a family, my success is yours, your failure is mine. We learn our mistakes together and when we celebrate our success together. The EVOS family will always have your back to support you.

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